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Bed Bugs

  • Adults are about ¼” long (about the size of an apple seed), flattened, oval, and brown in color if not fed recently or ballooned and reddish-brown if recently fed.
  • Move quickly but cannot fly.
  • Spread easily by hitchhiking on shoes, laundry, furniture, luggage, backpacks, etc.
  • Typically feed at night and humans are the preferred host.  They can live for two to three months without a blood meal, and up to one year without a blood meal in cold climates.
  • Are slow to reproduce, compared with other insects.  Each adult female produces about one egg per day.  Each egg takes 10 days to hatch and another five to six weeks to develop into an adult.
  • Are not known to transmit or spread any human diseases.

Every Bed Bug infestation is different and requires a customized treatment plan.  Chemical applications normally take several visits over several weeks.  If immediate 100% eradication is desired, whole structure fumigation is performed. 

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What our clients say…
I operate a pest control company that only does BR II work. Without getting into all the details of what that means, I needed someone to do BR III work (termite) that wouldn't try to take my customers and provide an ethical service. I found this through David Gauden. I would follow-up with customers after his appointment and they all had great things to say about him. After having done this for about a year I no longer follow-up on his services. Highly recommend him and his business for any and all termite work.

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